A few links to these pics, which were taken a bit here and there in abandoned amusement parks, as I noticed, while trying to find the source..

Chippewa Lake Amusement Park

Hidden on a lakeshore in Medina County is one of the state’s most unique forgotten treasures: the abandoned amusement park called Chippewa Lake. What you’ll find there today is the tragic shell of a once-glorious family fun park, one with a history going back to the 1840s. [ continue here…]

Berlin’s Spooky Spreepark

[…]There are some great articles in the online realm about abandoned amusement parks – former fun-filled places where the screams and raucous laughter have given way to a more creepy atmosphere.  But an exploration of Spreepark in Berlin will reveal more than rusty rollercoasters.  Here you’ll find yourself wandering among full-scale plastic dinosaurs, which almost appear to be watching over the dilapidated amusements.

Nara Dreamland Japan

Nara Dreamland opened in 1961, inspired by Disneyland in California. For 45 years its central fantasy castle, massive wooden rollercoaster Aska, and corkscrewing Screwcoaster pulled in the big crowds. By then though it was outdated, and dying a slow death as Universal Studios Japan (built 2001) in nearby Osaka sucked all the oxygen out of the business. It closed its doors permanently in 2006.

» Nara Dreamland Heyday
» 2004 “Nara Dreamland” Theme Park Review

National Amusement Park Historical Association
Abandoned Movie Palaces and Theatres
Abandoned High School in Ohio

and so many more.. if you ask the mighty internet.

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